Lab Technology

From beginner to expert, get in touch with us to talk about how these technologies might be useful for you.

Visualization Technology

We have some exciting cutting-edge technology in the lab that’s available for classes and researchers. This includes:

  • A floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree visualization environment that includes sound and fits 15 to 20 people
  • A room for working with Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software
  • Robust lab computers with Unity software for building 3D games and environments

Workstation Software

3D Modeling and Photogrammetry


  • Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, and more)
  • AutoDesk (design, including AutoCAD, Maya, and Revit)
  • Enscape (VR & real-time rendering plug-in, on computers #23, #24, #25, #26)
  • Epic Games Launcher (for working with/testing games developed in Unreal)
  • Insta360 Studio 2021 (Editor for 360 photos/videos)
  • Krita, a Python library (digital painting and art tools)
  • Lumion (architectural design, on computers #23, #24, #25, #26)
  • MikTex (Tex/LaTeX typesetting)
  • Photon Engine (game engine for multiplayer games in Unity)
  • Processing (Visual arts coding)
  • Unity, including Photon Engine, Vuforia, and the VR Toolkit (3D design and development)
  • Unreal Engine (3d design and development)


Data and Programming

  • Arduino (coding for microcomputing)
  • Open Refine (data normalizing)
  • Python (programming language), including Krita (digital painting and art tools)
  • R and Rstudio (statistical programming language and interface)
  • Ruby (programming language)
  • Tabula (data collection)