Our Team – Digital Scholarship Lab

Our Team

Primary Team

Andy Boyles Petersen, Digital Scholarship Librarian Paul Cooper, Transformative Technologies Coordinator
Megan Kudzia, Digital Scholarship Librarian Jonah Magar, Gaming Coordinator
Terence O'Neill, Head, Digital Scholarship & Makerspace Services

Affiliated Librarians and Faculty

Scout Calvert, Data Librarian Kristen Mapes, Assistant Director, Digital Humanities @ MSU
Devin Higgins, Digital Library Programmer Amanda Tickner, GIS Librarian
Joshua Sanchez, User Experience & Assessment Librarian

Faculty Advisory Board

Current Board

Dirk Colbry, Computational Math, Science, and Engineering Lyn Goeringer, English & Music
Marisa Brandt, Lyman Briggs Linda Nubani, School of Planning, Design, and Construction
Jon Frey, Archaeology - Chair Alice Lynn McMichael, LEADR