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Digital Scholarship Lab

An inclusive, interdisciplinary space for technology & collaboration

Lab Hours

Spring 2020

COVID-19: update from Dean Salem

On Monday, March 16, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an Executive Order temporarily closing bars, theaters, casinos, and other public spaces.

All academic libraries were included in this order. The library remains closed to the public at this time.


For updates on when we anticipate re-opening our doors to welcome the campus community back, and information about cleaning and social distancing policies, please see our Dean's Update on the Library's main website.

We anticipate that when the Library reopens, the Digital Scholarship Lab will be open on a limited basis, and will provide more information here as it becomes available.

The Digital Scholarship Lab's hours are subject to change. Please check the Main Library's website for the most up-to-date information and holiday hours (

360 Visualization room in the main library
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The Digital Scholarship Lab is about people. Our team works to advance digital scholarship in the Libraries at MSU - find out how to meet and collaborate with them.

Our Values

The Digital Scholarship Lab:

  • Welcomes everyone from any discipline or level of experience;
  • Nurtures interdisciplinarity by serving as a crossroads for collaboration as people from across disciplines meet and learn from one another;
  • Provides professional help and camaraderie for using technology in research and learning (for example: help with software, data management, brainstorming project development);
  • Generates projects through the intersection of people, space, and technology.

Image of an MSU Librarian teaching a class in the Digital Scholarship Lab Classroom



Accessibility is important to the Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL). We are committed to improving the accessibility of the DSL and providing accommodations.

Some technology in the DSL may involve changes in lighting, sound, and temperature, which can cause dizziness, motion sickness, nausea, or discomfort. If you experience any discomfort, please leave the area or alert DSL staff.

If you need assistance, accommodations, or have suggestions on how we can make our technology and services more accessible, please contact the MSU Libraries’ accessibility team at or visit the DSL Desk.

Discover the Space

This virtual tour and floor plan of the Main Library’s Digital Scholarship Lab is available to view before visiting.

If this virtual tour is inaccessible to you, please contact to request an in-person tour or a written floor plan description.